How to Make Money on Social Media


How to Make Money on Social Media

How to make money is the big question using social media online to make money; should be something everybody is considering for extra cash. There are so many ways to make money using social media it’s funny; but I am going to listed a few I think is the best way how to make money on Social Media.


  • Facebook Ads – Start by setting you up a Facebook account; then you want to create you a business page for your audience to have somewhere to go to. Make sure you have set up your business page like you want it; after you have set everything up click on the create an ad button. It will take you to ads manager this is where you will create your ad or ads. You can do quotes, videos, pictures, run ads for your FB business page etc. it’s up to you and whatever you like! Ads are king because FB get your ads in front of millions of people. It is a billion people on FB every day you can’t talk to this many people in your life time if you tried too! Doing FB ads will let you be able to do this. FB will even let you know who your target audience is and what country they are coming from. You can start an ad with $5.00 a day whatever your budget is! I recommend running more than one ad; do three ads for $5.00 a day and see what happens. FB ads will let you get your business and brand out in front of the world to see and people will start to join your Facebook fan page and you can set it up to where they will be on your email list.


  • Blogging – Start by buying you a blog on or; if you are on a budget and can’t afford to purchase you a blog then start with but they put ads on your blog though. Create content you think others will relate to. Your blog is your central hub in other words your blog will be the go-to-page. People are seeking the same answers to questions you have resolved. Begin sharing the information with others; you now have made yourself the go to person for answers to questions. People will begin expecting to see more useful information which will lead them to opt-in and buy anything from you because there is a trust-bond relationship between you and your readers.


  • Build an Email list – (The Money is in the List) Yes we all have heard this so many times. At first it literally didn’t make sense to me at first. Here it is all in a nut shell ad you start branding yourself by giving value information to others you will create a opt-in page where the page will ask for a email address which the information will be sent to that email address daily. By getting email address of people who are interested in what you are giving out; will start to build your email list. Your email list will allow you to offer your products and services with great value and helpful tips. This is where you will make your money!


  • Affiliate Marketing- Affiliate Marketing will allow you to build your own private community inside a social media platform or monthly newsletter subscription with information exclusive for being a member. The affiliate Market group can have a monthly subscription to remain active or a onetime payment. You will start by getting people in front of your offer using social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram; create you a capture page where they must put in their email address so you can build your email list.


  • DIGITAL PRODUCTS- As an Entrepreneur you can create your own eBooks, PDFs, programs etc. These products can be given away for free to build your email list or they can be sold to make extra money online.


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