7 Steps to have Success in 2017- Must Read


Here’s some practical tips on things you can do TODAY, right now actually, to take action.

  1.  Learn selectively. Learn from those who are doing what we want to do,not from those who just talk about it.

  2. Do what successful people do, not just what they say.
    Learning from others is an observational skill.

  3.  Become a strategist. Keep a notebook of step by stepprocesses, keep adding to those processes.

  4. Find a Mentor to guide you and help you to achieve your goals

  5.  Think of goals as sum of a bigger part. Planting a tree isgreat, but what do you need to grow a forest?

  6.  Embrace fear, it’s the sign of change. Fear can be a measuringtool or paralyze us, learn to recognize what it really is.

  7. Be curious and quiet your inner skeptic. The curious rule the world.

There’s proof all around us that things aren’t always what they seem.
It’s our responsibility to separate facts and fiction, but too many people let fear rule.



Get with your mentor and coach for the guide to living a successful life today!


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